Bar Palladio – A Tryst with Musings

Christened after the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, located within Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, Bar Palladio Jaipur is an ode to Italian style and cuisine, viewed through the prism of a Mughal dreamworld. As you step inside the breathtaking magnificence of the place engulfs you. With the white and blue hues paying homage to the Jaipurian ornamentation, fused with Persian/Mughal décor, the place looks serene and surreal. 

A restaurant this beautiful is bound to have a peaceful and mystical ambiance. An evening spent here will stay memorable for a lifetime. Central to their menu are dishes that speak the language of Love; Italian cooking. The Spaghetti carbonara, Prosciutto Parma and Chocolate Marquise are must-haves. The food is rich, traditional in its flavours and leaves you wanting more. It’s definitely a treat to the taste buds and a fulfilling experience for the soul. Plan for a lovely date, or just an evening by yourself, for a dreamy, mystical experience with some refreshing cocktails for company.

Contributor: Asna Abdul Haq


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