Pita Pit – Your Healthy Quick Fix

So many of us have gotten a conscience on what food are we consuming and what are we depositing into our systems. Thanks to the current scenario of healthy food consumption; consumers are being well informed about the source of the food they’re relying on. 

If you’re looking for comfort yet healthy food, Pita Pit, with its ‘Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating’ tagline, is ideal. A Canadian quick service chain, the brand is already a well known chain in India across many metropolitan cities that offers, ‘made-to-order’ customized pita sandwiches and salads with an extensive range of fresh vegetables, grilled meats, premium spreads and cheeses, plus zesty sauces. A perfect quick fix when you don’t want to cook or just want to grab something on the go. 

By Soumya Kumar 

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