Have you been to Café Pefe?

Earlier, when the café concept was trending, it was more of an informal dining where you could sip on coffee with some dessert, chill with your friends and have a good time. Now cafes are changing their game by giving importance not just to people but to their pets too. 

Café Pefe is one such amazing place in Andheri, Lokhandwala, Mumbai. This pet friendly café provides a perfect venue for you and your pets to have fun and interact with others in a friendly, hygienic and safe environment. The menu has been very carefully curated and Cat’atouille, made with grilled pesto cottage cheese and ratatouille sauce with spinach, is a must try. Their Bum-A-Chick-A-Bum pizza and Bow-Wow-Wow pizza are absolutely delicious. One of the good parts about this café, other than the ambience, is they have a special menu for your pawsome friends. Cookies with special gravy is the most loved delicacy. 

The best part about this café is that 5% of your bill goes to the welfare and care of strays.  

By Devesh Bhatt 

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