Cooking is a lot of fun especially when you decide to cook a few of your favourite dishes while you call friends over. But the actual ‘fun’ begins post your dinner party where everything in your kitchen is probably all messed up, from the kitchen counter to the stove! We’re providing you with a few basic hacks that a beginner should know to clean up their kitchens well.

1.       Stove burners can be the hardest thing to clean if not done more often. Let the burners soak in hot water with vinegar for a bit. Take them out and pour baking soda all over the burner and add a little vinegar making it into a paste. Gently rub this all over the burner and wash them under running water. Your burners will come out squeaky clean!

2.       To clean greasy and stained counters, pour hot water with liquid soap carefully over these blemished areas and leave until it’s cooled down. Wipe it off with a sponge to achieve a sparkling and spotless kitchen counter.

Contributor: Aarti David


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