Raspberry Raptures at Yauatcha

Appearances can be deceptive, they say, but that’s certainly not true at Yauatcha Mumbai! Each and every item one orders at this classy restaurant is a feast to the eyes and a treat to the stomach, which explains why it’s always crowded at any given point of time. Starting from the pretty, handcrafted dims sums to the beautifully presented mains, your meal is a flow of delicious food that keeps on coming. 

But the stars of the show at Yauatcha are the desserts. The impressive menu consists of vibrantly coloured macarons, Chocolate and Green Apple Cinnamon Moon Cakes, Passion fruit and white chocolate mousses, Coconut rum-soaked Babas, Strawberry and Violet Cheesecakes and more. Each dessert looks more stunning than the other but the dessert with the honour of being one of the most Instagrammed desserts in the country is the Raspberry Delice. This signature delight will guarantee oohs and aahs as it is placed in front of you! The artistic, vivid, red rose-shaped raspberry and rich chocolate mousse with a lychee pannacotta insert and hazelnut brownie base, reveals magical, potent punches of tart and sweet with each spoonful. The raspberry and chocolate mousse is unbelievably luscious and when coupled with the creamy lychee pannacotta, becomes a marriage of wonderful flavours. This masterpiece is complemented by Raspberry ice cream and berry coulis, which taste fabulous by themselves too! 

The Raspberry Delice is truly one of those unforgettable desserts, the taste of which will remain in your gastronomic memories for a long time to come.

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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