Manek Chowk, The Street Food Haven

If you ever ask an Ahmedabadi about the food scene in Ahmedabad, you will hear about Manek Chowk in less than 5 minutes of your conversation. This beloved ‘chowk’ is famous for hosting jewellery stores in the morning and turning into a night food market by 9:30 PM. Starting from Fafda-Jalebi to the variety of Dosas, one would not even find them in South India, but Manek Chowk has it all. Since there is a lot of variety in a small bustling market, we’re going to recommend 3 things that one should not miss while visiting Manek Chowk. Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Pav Bhaji:

Yes, Pav Bhaji. This famous Indian street food is one of the most sold dishes in Manek Chowk. Not because people are biased towards it, but because you will not find a better tasting Pav Bhaji in Ahmedabad. While we leave you to choose from different varieties of Pav Bhaji like Tukde Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav, Cheese Pav Bhaji etc., the bottom line is, whichever kind you fancy, just try it out. You will not be disappointed.

  1. Gwalior Dosa:

If you love butter and if you love Dosa, Gwalior Dosa is for you. This is not JUST a Dosa, it is a Dosa literally dipped in butter! We can bet our money, that this is the most buttery Dosa in the whole of India! It has so much butter, that if you pick it up it’ll drip as much butter as the bowl of Sambhar it came with. That is why this dish is in our top 3 things to try in Manek Chowk. You will not find this anywhere else!

  1. Jalebi:

If, after that buttery Dosa, you still crave for something sweet, end your trail with crispy, thin, sweet jalebis. And if you are actually hungry too, you might even try Fafda with your Jalebi. Because there ain’t Jalebi without Fafda in Gujarat. Fafda is a fried crispy snack made from gram flour and is served with Papaya no sambharo and Kadhi. The trio makes a perfect pairing with the JaleBAE!

Manek Chowk is a place in Ahmedabad that provides food to the hungry souls who crave food post-mid-night till early morning. The place has become an integral part of Ahmedabad and like every localite, we’re sure that once visited, Manek Chowk will call you back to try other things. Till then, Happy Eating!

Contributor: Nishit Ganatra


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