Waffle Iron To The Rescue!

Fresh, fluffy waffles may seem like a delicacy reserved for restaurant brunches and hotel breakfasts, but a good waffle maker can give you the gift of superb, easy-to-make waffles at home. 

It comprises of two metal plates with a connecting hinge, molded to create the honeycomb pattern found on waffles. The iron is heated and either batter is poured or dough is placed between the plates after smothering it with butter so it doesn’t stick. This is then closed together to produce crispy yet soft waffles.  

There is an assumption that you can make only waffles or rather something sweet in a waffle iron. But, have you thought out of the box and tried something different? Whipping up something quick and lip-smacking doesn’t always require using a hundred utensils. Sometimes, all you just need, is your waffle iron. You can use your waffle iron to make:  

  1. Brownie Waffles  
  1. Quesadillas  
  1. Mc Cains Chill garlic bites turned into hash browns
  1. Grilled cheese sandwhich  
  1. Frittatas  

Waffle irons don’t cost a fortune! There are some really good and affordable ones starting right from 999/-

By Soumya Kumar

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