Biscoff – The Ultimate Spread??!

When it comes to dessert, I love trying out new flavours at least once. So when I heard about this spread called Lotus Biscoff, of course, I wanted to try it and yet I felt like I was committing a grave food sin.  

Lotus Biscoff was sneaked in as a harmless cookie butter spread in someone’s grocery list but very quickly it acquired this potential to turn any dessert into a massive Instagram able moment for restaurants and thereby, a crowd pleaser. In the last 2 years this spread has indeed become very popular and is available in various local stores: 

  1. New Arife Lamoulde: One of the most popular stores in Hyderabad to buy raw materials for any baker. 
  1. Nutri Cart: A very recently opened store in Jamshedpur that sells various imported products which include Lotus biscoff spread, biscuits etc. 
  1. Decorate It: A shop popular amongst the bakers in and around Salt Lake, Kolkata. Most bakers visit that shop for a quick fix.  
  1. Jay Foods: A huge store for baking supplies in Gultekadi, Pune that helps bakers all types of baking products. From different types of sugar to different types of baking equipment, you can find everything here. 

By Devesh Bhatt (Home Baker) 

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