CEIA is here! Your everyday food and hospitality guide, which is an imperative extension to our digital food magazine. After months of deliberation, we as a team have collectively put together the innumerable facets of the food & hospitality industry, (including kitchen hacks & recipes) all under one umbrella.

We at CEIA celebrate food & all things edible! Food around the globe is an eternally evolving medium that entices us hungry humans, to explore and indulge in, unabashedly. Our goal is to be your informative guide – that immediate ‘go-to’ source we want you to rely on for suggestions on dining out, trying out a new recipe, or even getting to know the hardworking individuals from the culinary world.

Ever wondered why it is believed, that a way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach? Why is food called an emotion? Or why does one revisit the same restaurant over and over again just to binge on that favourite dish? Well, we strongly believe that food has the undefined ability or may we say, the binding force, to bring a family together at the dining table, to comfort a broken heart in the form of a decadent slab of dark chocolate or to be the centre of attention in the form of a Biryani at a Hyderabadi wedding! Food is usually our humble silent listener to many of our conversations.

Now that we’ve subtly managed to whet your appetite, we suggest you begin to nibble on a literary appetizer, in the Cucina section of our blog, where several tips & recipes would be shared from professional chefs to your next-door neighbour! Moving on to the entrée, you can relentlessly feast on our Noshery section, that welcomes you into a wide array of dining options, along with signature dishes served around the country. Lastly, if the epicurean soul inside you desires to get acquainted with the humans working strenuously behind all that amazing food through our Hospitality section, may we assure you, there wouldn’t be a better ending to this 3 course visually enticing meal called CEIA!

On that positive note, it’s time to indulge!

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