Parsi Meets Hyderabadi – SBOW

Being massive foodies, we’re always looking for something different to excite our taste buds and that’s where SodabottleOpenerwala stepped in and blew our socks off, when it first opened a few years ago. Since then, the restaurant has continued to be a firm favourite because of its unconventional, retro interiors, Bollywood music and its delicious Parsi food.

The menu begins with a large selection of Soups, Salads and of course, Eggs – which are a popular staple with the Parsi community. We definitely recommend the Eggs Kejriwal; who can resist gooey, sunny side up eggs on toast with green chillies, mushrooms and cheese! Other favourite appetisers are Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlet, Chicken Farcha and Chicken Baida Roll.

When it comes to authentic Parsi dishes, don’t forget to order the Chicken/Mutton Berry Pulao which is perfectly complemented with Salli Chicken, Mutton Dhansak, Parsi Prawn Curry, Bawa’s Famous Prawn Patio, Patra Ni Macchi with Lemon Rice and more.

This branch of SodabottleOpenerwala, has a Hyderabadi Irani Cafe section, so Haleem made from a traditional family recipe is available all year round along with Mutton/Chicken and Vegetable Biryani or you can try the tasty Talahua Chicken combo with khatti dal and steamed rice.

Round off your meal with the standard Parsi dessert – Lagan Nu Custard or Matunga Coffee Cake, a luscious coffee cake flavoured with the well-known filter coffee from Matunga, Bombay which is served with mascarpone cream and whisky caramel sauce.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, SodabottleOpenerwala should be at the top of your list!

By Mamatha Mallipudi


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