Don’t we all love binging on fast food every once in a while? But the current pandemic situation has most certainly pulled us back from eating out, especially street food. During these tough times, we have a quick & easy suggestion to make your favourite French Fries at home, light and crisp!

You don’t need fancy equipment to make a decent batch of French fries. All you need is a deep frying pan with oil set on high heat. Remember to deep fry the potatoes twice before you serve. How do you do it? After frying them the first time, set aside for about 5 minutes on a tissue to soak all the excess oil and then gently put them back into the pan for round two. Fry for about a minute or so and serve hot. To jazz up your french fries, add a sauce of your choice consisting of garlic, olive oil & herbs or peri-peri sauce or you could even opt for a roasted bell pepper sauce made with chilli and garlic. Anything that turns your basic fries more irresistible!

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: aarti_david

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