Nov 2022 Edition

November 2022 Edition !

As the weather becomes cooler in our part of
the world, the travel bug bites and as food and wanderlust are intrinsically intertwined, new culinary experiences beckon. Our cover story will regale you with Aaron D’Souza’s account of his gastronomic adventures with Reshma Mane, along the western coast of India. This fun article will tempt you to reach for your car keys and head on out! We also have top travel and lifestyle blogger, Shagun Segan’s picks of where to eat in Dubai in 72 hours. This is a must- follow food itinerary to experience a wide array of this amazing city’s foodscape. Gita Hari details her staycation at Regenta SGS GreenOtel in Lonavla and how the hotel has risen from the ashes of the pandemic to thrive once again.

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