Baking has always had a therapeutic effect on me. Despite a hectic schedule, trying out new recipes refreshes me. I have failed many times, but I have been patient and learnt from my failures. I am sharing a few tips to help you, especially if you are new to baking. 

  1. Stick to the Recipe 

Always follow the recipe. For instance, if the recipe asks you to preheat the oven to 160 degree C, do it!  

  1. Research and invest in the right equipment  

The right equipment will not just make your work 10x easier, but also ensure the right outcome. Once the silicon spatula was introduced, it was made convenient for a baker to use the last drop of the batter. Choosing the right equipment is half the battle won; the other half is taking good care of the equipment.  

  1. Parchment paper is critical 

If you want to make sure your cake, cookie, etc. isn’t sticking to the bottom of your baking tin, parchment paper is the answer to your prayers. While you could use other methods like dusting with flour or brushing with oil, parchment paper is the safest and best. 

By Devesh Bhatt (Home Baker) 

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