Kulfi Wala—The Indian Ice Cream Man

Have you heard of Jamshedpur — a city that produces steel for the rest of the world? If you look closely, you will realise Jamshedpur is much more than that. It has beautifully embraced people from all over the country and has a myriad culture. It’s also a land of expats where people have found a home and lived their dreams. 

 One such person is Narayan Das who shifted from Sindh to Jamshedpur in 1960. He started a kulfi stall and it instantly became a big hit. The journey was not easy though, but he remained resolute.  Since 1968, Narayan Kulfi is in the same area in Sakchi market. Now the shop serves different flavours of irresistible kulfi that you simply cannot stop at one! 

Even though times have changed, his kulfis are still immensely popular. I make it a point to devour as many as I can during my visits to Jamshedpur. 

By Devesh Bhatt 

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