Revive Those Precious Loaves!

Faster, fresher and tastier; this is all that we need to make our food easier to prepare, and tastier, especially when you’re eating something like Bread which does not take much time to become stale. Who doesn’t like a good sandwich for breakfast or an easy bread recipe to go with the day when we feel a little bit exhausted and having a busy day. There are some easy culinary hacks that can work like magic and bring your stale bread back to life. 

Although this trick won’t work for slices of sandwich bread, but for baguettes and whole loaves that have gone hard, it should be just the ticket. Hold the bread under running water, yes you read that right. Then place it in the oven and heat it for 6-7 minutes at 325 degrees. Now, steam from the water will re-hydrate the bread and the oven’s heat will ensure the exterior is nice and firm.

Well, this is an easy hack right? Try this and see the magic as you take a hold of those precious loaves!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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