Rapid Fire with Chef Shailendra Rawal – Trident Hotel

Presenting Chef Shailendra Rawal, on this month’s fun segment of Rapid Fire! He graduated from Oberoi Hotels & Resorts and been in the hospitality industry for the past few years. Chef Shailendra is currently the Sous Chef at Trident Hotel, Hyderabad. Read on and get to know the lighter side of our otherwise overworked chefs.

1. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? 

A.  Breakfast for dinner (Eggs/bacon and Dosa) 

2. Baked or fried? 

A. Fried  

3. Your first food memory? 

A. Ichiban in Janpath, New Delhi 

4. One piece of kitchen equipment you could not live without? 

A. Oven 

5. One aspect you absolutely love about your job. 

A. Thinking on your feet and having a creative streak! 

6. One dish you love cooking and why? 

A. Hyderabadi  Kacche gosht ki Biryani. The technique of cooking lamb and rice together is just magical. 

7. Name one guilty food pleasure. 

A. Delhi wala Butter chicken 

8. Your ideal dinner date? 

A. Home cooked meal with a glass of wine 

9.  Savoury or Dessert? 

A.  Dessert  

10. One worst dish/ingredient you ever tasted? 

A. Frog legs (Can’t say worst but was an unpleasant experience) 

In conversation with Aarti David

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