Cook Eat Repeat by Nigella Lawson

Renowned food writer and TV host, Nigella Lawson has returned with her brand new cookery show, Cook Eat Repeat. The series showcases recipes from her new book of the same name; a ritual she’s been following since many years where every new series comes out from the latest book she writes.

The series has eight engaging episodes of 30 minutes each, where we see the elegant home chef cooking in her lovely kitchen whilst dishing out the best of the best recipes from her cookbook. We get to see delicious recipes like No-Knead Black Bread, Crab Mac n Cheese, Chocolate & Tahini Pudding Cake and so on. And like every series, this one ends with a grand one hour Christmas episode with her beautifully decked up festive kitchen showcasing recipes like Norwegian Pork Ribs, Linzer Cookies, Luscious Vegan Gingerbread and so much more. All of the episodes are available on YouTube. So go on and give yourself a visual treat watching Nigella cook, eat and repeat!

By Aarti David


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