Summer Skies & Apple Pies – Portland Steakhouse

Portland Steakhouse and Cafe is located on Brunton Road, off of MG road in Bangalore. With its outdoor seating options, cute white tables surrounded by greenery, you immediately feel transported to a quaint cafe in Goa but with the best of the Bangalore weather. 

Famous for its steak and pies, I stuck to having only dessert pies to do its Bangalore-wide famous pies justice. The apple and cherry pies were both divine! Beautifully plated and simple with a flaky buttery crust, it’s undoubtedly one of the best pies I have eaten in the city.

Being one of the very few places in Bangalore where you can be in the middle of the city, outdoors, surrounded by greenery, and be able to delight in the weather along with a warm fruity pie with rich vanilla ice cream, makes this that one go-to place I’ll keep coming back to for more.

Contributor: Harshita Shah

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