Faasos – Food Delivered at Your Doorstep

India has a huge market when it comes to the food industry and startups make up around 70% of the sales in this sector. The food-tech industry is constantly developing and growing at a fast rate whether it is grocery deliveries or ordering your favourite dessert by tapping your mobile screen.

In this feature, we look at the successful startup, Faasos. This venture began as a ‘Kolkata Roll’ chain of eateries in Pune in 2004, started by Jaydeep Barman and Kollol Banerjee. It took 7 years for the partners to establish the venture we know today, by changing the whole business model and preparing on-demand meals in cloud kitchens, thus revolutionising the industry. Their menu consists of a large variety of wraps, meals, biryani, rice bowls and more, which can be ordered at the click of a button or a touch on a mobile screen. The food is then prepared fresh and delivered to the customer’s doorstep as fast as possible.

They now operate in 35 cities and towns across India and receive over 10,000 orders per day, proving to be one of the biggest food tech businesses in India.

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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