Rajinder Da Dhaba and Butter Chicken Forever!

 They say, Butter Chicken is a way of life for none other than the lively Delhites.

Ask a non-vegetarian about their love for Butter Chicken and you can measure it in the eyes. And if you ask the same person about the signature dish of most of the North Indian restaurants of Delhi, they go blank. Well, it’s nothing surprising, because many of us are actually not aware of how wonderful this utterly butterly delicious this dish can be! 

Read through to know about Rajinder Da Dhaba, one of the most amazing restaurants in Delhi, a frequently visited place for most of the local office-goers and foodies. You’ll want to grab a bite of this dish the moment you finish reading about it, so don’t miss out!

This iconic dhaba in South Delhi has been a staple for locals through the decades. The mouth-watering goodness of its Butter Chicken and Butter Naan is the original ‘happy meal’ before we were introduced to the concept of quick service restaurants. 

Rajinder Da Dhaba serves rich and creamy Butter Chicken and it’s enough for chicken lovers to unite! Chicken chunks marinated in a pool of spices and cooked in a luscious tomato gravy has everyone’s heart, don’t you agree?

This is one such restaurant that is here to satiate all your Butter Chicken cravings with its myriad variety of the classic chicken dish! Choose your food according to your mood!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artsythoughtsapparently/

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