Rawleaf – Health Café Alert!

Since being healthy is the new normal and we’re constantly looking for alternatives to binge on some healthy food. So, here we are once again talking about an amazing venue that offers delicious meals coupled with nutritional values that are easy on the calorie quotient. When everyone’s going back and forth deciding on a venue, suggest this one and you’re sorted.

Rawleaf – Delhi

With a range of signature recipes that are both healthy and tempting at the same time, Rawleaf is a brand that primarily includes fresh packaged salads and cold pressed juices. Mindful foodies can gorge on an insatiable menu that includes 45 exciting salads with exhilarating combinations of kale, quinoa, grapefruit, Arugula leaves, seafood and cold-cuts. They also do home delivery.

Try them here: Rawleaf.in

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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