Chef Prafull Aina
Chef Prafull Aina

Rapid Fire with Chef Prafull Aina

A chance to get up close and personal with some of our favorite folks from the food and hospitality business. On the hot seat today is the incredibly talented Chef Prafull Aina, the Executive Chef from Trident Hotel Udaipur.

  1. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

Dinner for breakfast definitely….eat your breakfast like a king!

  1. Baked or fried?

Both I would say.

  1. Your first food memory?

Aalu Paratha with Cheese and Kheema curry for breakfast. As I said earlier, it’s dinner for breakfast.

  1. One piece of kitchen equipment you could not live without?

My Chef Knife!

  1. One aspect you absolutely love about your job!

Free and exotic food along with a variety of ingredients around to relish every day.

  1. One dish you love cooking and why?

Slow-cooked Braised New Zealand lamb shank with root vegetables, corn and blue cheese mash. If cooked perfectly, it simply melts in your mouth turning it into a meal that satisfies a hungry horse!

  1. Name one guilty food pleasure.

Dark chocolate flourless cake with hazelnut cremeux and homemade mud apple ice cream with salted honey brittle. As exciting as the name is… lip-smacking!

  1. Your ideal dinner date?

Italian night. On the edge of a hill, where there is a slight drizzle, holding hands with my loved one and a glass of sparkling wine in the other hand. An exotic Italian dinner consisting of fresh burrata with aged balsamic and slow-cooked pork belly with parmesan gratin. Mascarpone tiramisu accompanied with a raspberry sorbet would be a perfect ending to that romantic meal.

  1. Rabdi or Cheesecake?

Rabdi cheesecake… It rocks!!

  1. One worst dish/ingredient you ever tasted?

Fermented pork knuckles. They tasted like rotten food, sour and smelt bad!

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