Pet Friendly Cafe | Autumn Leaf Cafe, Hyderabad

Just like you, your pet surely needs a fabulous day out in the sun! You can’t keep your fluffy fur-balls restricted to roadside walks or the park in your vicinity. I mean what the floof? There are some gorgeous pet friendly cafés in every city and we’re picking Autumn Leaf Café in Hyderabad for your pets today!

This old Chettinad-style house in Jubilee Hills was converted into a tranquil cafe, 5 years ago. The serene surroundings with a whole lot of lush greenery around are bound to keep your pet calm whilst you enjoy that cuppa with your favourite bunch! On that note, I wish they had a pet friendly menu as well to keep your floof’s tummy happy!

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: aarti_david

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