It’s Cool to be Uncool!

Mom returns from the supermarket and the first thing she does is pop all those veggies and other groceries into the fridge, right?! Well, contrary to popular belief, not everything should be stored that way.

Unripe tomatoes for instance, turn gritty and lose their flavour in cold temperatures, so keep them at room temperature until they turn that vibrant red colour and then put them in the fridge, making sure you use them as soon as possible after that.

Everyone’s (well, almost!) favourite vegetable, the potato, shouldn’t be kept in the fridge, as low temperatures cause starch to turn into sugar, making them black and tasteless. Dark and dry areas are the best environs for these guys.

It’s so tempting to keep bananas in the fridge because once they become ripe, they go over to the dark side at the speed of light! But don’t do it! Bananas lose valuable potassium content when they’re cold and the ripening process stops, thus destroying all the flavours they contain. Just use the over-ripe ones to make Banana Bread instead and you’re sorted!

By Mamatha Mallipudi

Instagram:  @mamatha_1

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