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A trip to a Kirana store is enough to glean how much India loves Instant Noodles. No matter where you are in the country, you’ll not only find instant noodles but also be spoilt for choices. The latest entrant into this rather crowded segment is South Korean noodles giant, Nongshim and Samyang Food. These Korean Noodles stand out from the Indian noodles, both in taste and texture. Springy and with a bit of firmness; albeit not as much as in an al-dente pasta.

Nongshim’s soupy bowl of Shin Ramyun is perfect for the nippy winter morning or evening. Each pack comes with a disc-shaped block of noodles, a soup base, and a dehydrated vegetable mix. Samyang was the first South Korean instant noodles brand, and their claim to fame is the ‘2X Spicy’ flavour, better known as the Korean Fire Noodles. Unless you have an unusually high tolerance for heat, I’d recommend the Hot Chicken Ramen, Jjajang, and Cheese flavours to start off with. However, if you’d like to torture challenge yourself, there’s a ‘3x Spicy’ flavour that you can pick up. You can find these noodles on Amazon and a couple of supermarkets in your city.

Contributor: Pallab De

Blog: https://www.hydfoodguy.com/

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