A Porkaholic’s Paradise

Gone are the days when pork delicacies were a rare sight in Hyderabad.  Say hello to Kodagu, a stairway to pork heaven that serves authentic Coorgi cuisine in the city!

Founder Sateesh Polkam, discovered his love for this cuisine, after multiple visits with his family to Coorg over the years. He and his wife decided to venture into forming a cloud kitchen, which not only cooks the best of these pork varieties but also delivers them at your doorstep.  Only hardcore pork lovers, or who we call ‘porkaholics’, would understand what a fabulous indulgence and opportunity this is! Kodagu is also the only place in the city that serves food from Coorg.

A limited but excellent menu, that serves spicy Pandi curry, Pork Ribs marinated in Gongura leaves and Chilli Pork. Another highly recommended dish is the Kadambattu, a steamed rice dumpling made from coconut and broken rice, which ends up being the perfect accompaniment to the above mentioned dishes.

So pick up that phone and order up for a pork feast to celebrate this wintery festive season through the numbers given below.

Contact: 9030026415

Instagram Handle: ko_da_gu

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: aarti_david

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