Not Your Regular Biryani!

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Let’s not begin on how Biryani is loved or debate over the place that sells the best one. That’s a never-ending conversation a typical Hyderabadi would usually have.

Instead, we’re specifically going to be speaking about the spectacular Sofiani Biryani or Safeyd Biryani, that was first cooked in the royal kitchens of the Nizams. This dish is mildly flavoured with whole spices, khoya, almond paste and milk, unlike a regular biryani.

The unfortunate part is, though it is religiously served in Hyderabadi Muslim weddings, restaurants in the very same city have not included it on their menus. We may not know the reason behind this, but what we do know is that Aish at The Park Hyderabad, is, fortunately, the only place that serves the decadent Sofiani Biryani. Chefs at this hotel have been consistent in dishing out the most flavourful biryani every single time. And no, we’re not exaggerating!

To those who’ve never gotten the chance to savour this royal biryani, they can now unhesitatingly visit Aish, to know what we’re talking about. We bet that you’re not going to regret it.

Note: Aish is currently shut but plans are to reopen its doors by December 2020.

Contributor:  Aarti David

Instagram Handle: @aarti_david

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