ITC Masterchef Frozen Foods

My first tryst with ITC’s Master Chef brand was through its frozen prawns. Although the thought of ‘frozen seafood’ often evokes frowns, unless you’re blessed enough to get a fresh catch, the best you can hope for is seafood that has been frozen while still fresh. And that’s what these are. Available in a choice of sizes (from 35-45 pc per 200g to 10-11 pc per 200g), the tasty, tender, and as good as fresh prawns, immediately impressed.

In the years since The Master Chef brand has expanded into multiple segments. The highlights include frozen snacks such as pizza pockets, falafel kebab, and vada pops, and spices like Koora Karam, Sambar Masala, and Chhole Masala.

Frozen foods are always a saviour during days when you want to skip those tiresome cooking duties. They’re quick to make and packed with a lot of flavours. Indulging once in a while with these foods is absolutely fine in terms of health

Contributor: Pallab De

Instagram Handle: @hydfoodguy

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