Grilled Fig & Goat Cheese Toast – Our Classic Favourite at Sly Granny

Sly Granny, Bengaluru, is a quirky, classy, lively restaurant with so many Instagrammable spots to choose from! But this venue isn’t just known for its fun ambience, it also has a menu filled with dishes to die for. So be prepared to make some tough decisions as everything on the menu sounds amazing. The fare consists of European tapas and global cuisine with an outstanding range of cocktails to go with them. 

Although I love to try out different dishes whenever I visit a place, the classic combination of ‘Grilled Figs & Goat Cheese’ is one of my standard orders. You may feel that there’s nothing special in a starter like this, but it’s not easy to strike the right balance between such contrasting flavours and Sly Granny’s chefs pull this whole combination together to make it sing on your plate!

This small plate of creamy goat cheese generously spread on crusty multigrain bread, topped with grilled figs and drizzled with pomegranate balsamic vinegar is a burst of scintillating, tastes and textures. The sharp tang of the cheese, the crunch of the bread, the freshness of the figs and the sweet & sour pomegranate balsamic is a delicious amalgamation of temptation. 

So, even though you’re spoilt for choice at Sly Granny, don’t miss out on ordering this mouthwatering dish!

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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