Vegan Hotspots in Bangalore

Veganism has been hogging all the limelight since the past couple of years and has been the talk of the town ever since it started out. The whole world has turned conscious of their diets and what’s being served on their plate and hence we wanted to highlight some of the nutritious and healthy vegan restaurants in Bengaluru. Bangaloreans have not been too far behind as they’re being seemingly conscious and have begun eating mindfully. Gone are the days when veganism was dismissed as dull, tasteless, or a passing fad. 

We have rounded-up some amazing restaurants that are celebrating veganism like never before. Don’t miss out! 

Sante Spa Cuisine:

Located inside a bungalow, adorned with Victorian style furniture and shimmering golden hanging stars, these certainly deserve a special mention. Sante Spa specializes in Dumplings, Crisp Lettuce Cups, Spicy California Uramaki Rolls and Smoothie Bowls. The icing on the cake is the library, making it a haven for book lovers and this we say couldn’t get any better!

Green Theory: 

Housed in a quaint old bungalow, Green Theory’s spread is vegetarian and organic. The Tomato and Hemp powder soup gets the meal off to a brilliant start. Follow up with their Mumbai Masala Toast or the Thai Curry with Rice. No one can go wrong  with their Hing Wale Aloo and Puri which reminds one of home. Did we mention that they serve single origin coffee too? They are now open for dine-in and you can also order through food delivery apps.

JustBe Cafe:

They have an exclusive vegan menu accompanied by a cute store and event space. JustBe Cafe is a great place if you’re starting to be vegan. All their food is regular with vegan alternatives when it comes to dairy products. Start off with ‘Enchanting’, which is nothing but Methi Nachos and Tulsi Salsa with Almond Cheese dip, guacamole and pickled vegetables. Don’t forget to try their super-food bowls which do the real trick! And if you’re looking for dessert, Choc Chia Pudding is what you’re looking for.

A great way to step onto the healthy route; don’t miss out on these absolutely wonderful places!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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