Season of the Scorpio!

It’s Scorpio’s season! Scorpios are intense and fiery people and they are passionate about food. They love dishes with strong flavours and aromas such as oysters and mushrooms. They are ravenous eaters and you’ll catch them sneaking to the fridge to satisfy their midnight cravings with calorie laden food. Spicy food is their thing, so South Indian food with a kick is a favourite with them or Mexican food packed with jalapeños. This water sign is dark and intense just like the chocolate they love, nothing less than 85% cocoa dark chocolate for these folks! Their favoured desserts are rich and luscious like a huge, chocolate fudge cake decorated with a bit of drama. So if you see somebody tucking into the most varied and indulgent meal in the restaurant, you can be sure that he’s a Scorpio!

Contributor: Mamatha Mallipudi

Instagram Handle: @mamatha_1

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