Paramount Kolkata – Guzzling Up On Yesteryear

Image Courtesy: Swiggy

Mention ‘Paramount’ as a hidden gem to anyone in Kolkata and they’ll surely be up in arms. The century-old sherbet shop is a beloved institution in the city. Yet, the allure of its thirst-quenchers remains largely undiscovered by travelers and tourists to the city of joy, which is just as well because this cramped corner shop has just about enough space for a dozen patrons. 

Paramount Sharbats & Syrups has not only survived but thrived and evolved with time. In pre-independence India, it’s said to have been a favourite spot of many notable freedom fighters. If you’re visiting Kolkata’s boi-para (book colony), then Paramount is the perfect spot to finish off your book hunt. The menu features nearly three dozen fruit, water, and curd-based drinks. But the ones that you need to try are all helpfully labelled as ‘Specials’.  Dab er Sharbat, Passion Fruits, and Khir Cashew are my personal favourites.

Contributor: Pallab De 

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