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Fab Café owned by the well-known home & clothing brand Fab India promotes clean eating and therefore serves a decent number of options in healthy food. Branched in many cities across the country, the menu comprises of healthy alternatives like Jackfruit Flour instead of refined flour, Jaggery and Palm Sugar instead of refined sugar, Quinoa or Cauliflower rice instead of white and so on.

But we’re here to specifically talk about the Kathal Quinoa Biryani (Kathal is Jackfruit) that’s one of the best served dishes on Fab Café’s menu. It’s prepared in devouring desi ghee and an in-house special spice mix with chunky pieces of jackfruit and fried onions to top as garnish. The portion is enough to fill two hungry bellies. They also a serve a cauliflower rice version but we highly recommend quinoa for better taste. A few other popular dishes are the Jhalmuri Salad, Baked Samosa with Tamarind Chutney, Vegan icecreams and a lot more.

The next time you plan on visiting Fab Café, do try the Kathal Biryani and thank us later!

By Aarti David

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