Hashi – The Sushi Haven

No matter how many new places pop up in the country, we all have our own favourite ones to revisit on a regular basis. Mostly it’s for the quality of food but a lot of us like to unwind and have a good time in a place with a decent ambience too.

Hashi in Jubilee hills, Hyderabad, is an Asian restaurant serving a lot of Japanese dishes on its menu that’s been around since 2017. They’re well known for their delectable range of Sushis and Dimsums that are highly consistent in taste and quality, an aspect one would always look forward to in any restaurant. It’s almost unbelievable to see them dish out only the best over the years without compromising when it comes to serving quality ingredients.

It’s simply impossible to resist their Ebi Tempura, California Roll, Unagi Nigiri, Burnt Garlic Dimsum, Chicken Suimai, Hibachi fried rice and so on. Hashi’s recently introduced an all-new sushi menu with about 7-8 varieties that we’re sure are going to be a winner with their loyal set of customers. They also have an outlet in Country Club, Begumpet where you can relish your favourite sushi with your favourite cocktail. And if you’re uncomfortable dining out then simply order online.

By Aarti David

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