Tete-E-Tete with Samvedna Bhushan

Before you wonder what this dramatic title is all about, let us assure you that it’s all worth it after you give it a read. Women, irrespective of the field they’re in( including homemakers) are known to excel and multitask effortlessly. Some take time to learn and adapt, whereas some are born leaders. Whatever it may be, they eventually succeed because of their hard work and determination.

The Food & Hospitality industry is filled with many challenges on a daily basis, be it with senior chefs, junior chefs or even Marketing managers. Being in the blogging field for a few years has made me witness many PRs managing innumerable tasks every single day where sometimes weekend relaxation was never an option.

We spoke to Samvedna Bhushan, the Marketing Manager at ITC Kohenur & ITC Kakatiya Hyderabad, about her successful journey in the F&B industry. Hop onto our magazine to get a detailed interview with Samvedna herself.

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