Cutting boards get a raw deal in the kitchen, especially if you’re new to cooking – they’re just boards, is what we all think. But the fact is that they’re an important piece of kitchen equipment. The hygiene of your cutting board is crucial in staying healthy and ensuring that you and your family don’t fall prey to bacteria, which is just waiting to pounce on your digestive system.

Ideally, you should have two cutting boards for various purposes. A wooden board should be used for fruits, vegetables and herbs and a plastic board should be used to cut raw meat, poultry and fish. Strict rules for usage need to be followed to avoid cross-contamination. 

After using a cutting board, make sure you scrub it with soap and water thoroughly to remove anything that may be lurking in the scratches on the surface of the board and always dry the board in a place where air can circulate around it so that it dries completely. Bacteria require moisture to grow so don’t give them the opportunity to thrive.

Replace your cutting boards as soon as you notice that there are too many grooves for comfort and before there’s a chance for an entire eco-system to be growing in them!

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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