Suhasini Pradeep – Versatile, Adaptable & Multifaceted

In this month’s Women Warriors, we have Suhasini Pradeep, The Marketing & Communications Manager at The Westin Hotel, Mumbai. She’s known for her impressive organisational skills and the incredible ability to multitask. We as a team at CEIA have always admired her capabilities to excel in her field over the years. Take a few moments to read Suhasini’s little story on her work and personal experiences. 

In her words…

“Well, I have a mixed bag of experiences, from Teaching Dance to Event Management and Airlines to Food & Beverage and Hotels, but none of them was planned. I’d like to call myself an accidental hotelier. My journey with hospitality started in the year 2012 in Hyderabad, when I was working with DNA Entertainment for the IPL season. The Park Hotel’s F&B Manager and I connected over a few meetings which led to him offering me a position in the Public Relations department. I promoted the city’s famous club – Kismet at the hotel for about 6 months before I joined ITC Kakatiya, Luxury Collection Hotel. I also had the opportunity to work on a re-branding project with the GreenPark Group of Hotels. Over the years I was naturally veering towards marketing related roles and loved the dynamism and creativity of the food & beverage field. In 2016 I received an opportunity to join the Marketing Team of Hyderabad Marriott Hotel – an international hotel chain that helped me build a wealth of experience and depth of perspective. And finally today I stand tall as the head of marketing & communications of The Westin Hotel in Mumbai – the city of dreams. 

The hospitality industry is a people-oriented industry, you need to have the passion for taking care of your internal team and external guests to drive success. I have a strong mindset and believe in utilizing the strengths in my skill, knowledge, experience and emotion to pursue what I want, and not wait for it to come to me. I’d say my biggest challenge at work is keeping our brand relevant and fresh. In our on-demand world of fleeting trends, it is easy to become yesterday’s fad. In the field of marketing, it is imperative to effectively stay ahead of the curve.

Whilst my professional life is very structured, my personal life plays the exact opposite role and is extremely colourful. Travel makes my soul happy. I’ve explored over 15 countries and I’m looking forward to a lot more once the pandemic comes to an end. I also enjoy adventure sports and have lately taken up an interest in scuba diving. Dancing is my first love and I continue to follow my passion on the weekends.”

In conversation with Aarti David

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