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Having the right kind of cookware is so essential to bring out the best, in terms of good food. After a tiring day, none of us wants to ingest a badly tasting meal. As Indians, we’re known for our specific choice in pots & pans, especially a pressure cooker. Only an Indian would understand that a good quality pressure cooker is worth its weight in gold!

One such kitchen staple is the Instant Pot, which is also labelled as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and a multicooker. These instant pots come in different sizes along with a timer that makes meal preps easy, especially when you have to revive leftovers. They come with both low and high-pressure settings that you get to choose, depending on what you cook. If your food is slightly undone, then you can place it back into the pot on a high sauté mode by adding liquids if needed. Instant pots come with a lot of accessories like a glass lid, steamer baskets (for your veggies) and ceramic inner pot (for desserts). This pot can certainly ease down things for you in your kitchen.

Look up online to find the best suitable instant pot to add to your kitchenware.

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: aarti_david

Feature Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

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