Around India in 5 Hot Chocolates

The rainy and gloomy weather is just perfect for a good cup of hot chocolate topped with some marshmallows. No matter where I travel, I always ensure to try the best hot chocolate the city has to offer. These are my top 5 picks in India.. 

1. Chantilly the café (Mumbai)If you take a sip of the hot chocolate from Chantilly, you will always be in the mood for hot chocolate. Chantilly is known for their signature thick, dense and dark hot chocolate. If you ask them politely, they can make it even richer just for you.  

2. 8th Day café and bakery (Kolkata): This relaxed American style bakery serves hot chocolate that teleports you straight to the USA. During Christmas, they also serve Peppermint Hot Chocolate which is to die for.   

3. Fonce Chocolatier (Hyderabad): Their not- too-sweet hot chocolate strikes the perfect balance between richness and sweetness. Their in-house raspberry marshmallows with their hot chocolate are like a match made in heaven! 

4. Happy belly bakes (Bangalore): Some of the best quality hot chocolate is found at Happy Belly Bakes. Their Unique Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate remains unmatched.  

5. Choko La india (Delhi): Choko La India’s Classic dark hot chocolate has a robust flavour so sumptuous to appease even the most distinct palate lovers. 

By Soumya Kumar 

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