Gorge on with We Gorge!

Most foodies get overwhelmed by the array of cuisines and meal options available around the city. Many a time, we want to stay home in our PJs, probably watching Netflix, while gorging on some scrumptious food. Sometimes, don’t you wish you had a different, limited yet a delectable menu to choose from?

We Gorge, is on a mission to create an ecosystem of artisanal bakers, innovative chefs and hard-core foodies. Every month they bring exciting themes and introduce exotic ingredients. They launch set menus every week, where they bring on board budding entrepreneurs, chefs, and home bakers. They have so far showcased high quality dishes like Meat Hoagies, charcuterie board, Shakshouka with pita, Cilbir with sourdough from Kosem, bagels with cream cheese from Bottega, etc.

We gorge provides a platform for small scale budding businesses to showcase their specialities, and help in promoting local businesses too. Do keep an eye on their Instagram feed to know their latest offerings.

By Devesh Bhatt

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