Luxuriant Librans

October signifies the reign of the Librans! As the symbol of the scales represents this star sign, Librans prefer delicately balanced dishes where all the herbs and spices blend harmoniously to create a well-rounded, palate pleaser. This air sign loves to entertain as they enjoy the whole experience of being a host. They’ll go that extra mile to create the perfect table setting, and beautiful yet small, plates of decorative food. Appearance over taste is what Librans prefer, so they’ll be the first ones to whip out their phones to capture that decorative dessert! Speaking of sweet temptations, Librans have an undeniable sweet tooth and they don’t mind having smaller portions of previous courses just so that they can indulge in that luscious dessert.

Contributor: Mamatha Mallipudi

Instagram Handle: @mamatha_1

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