Eggcellent Hacks

All you Eggetarians, this week is solely dedicated to you. We’re sharing two simple kitchen hacks to ease the stress down.

Hack 1: If you’re seeking a little help on how to keep those eggs fresh for a longer period of time; smear them with any vegetable oil and store them in the refrigerator. This certainly helps in longer shelf life.

Hack 2: We all know how stressful poaching an egg can be with all the mess, making a pool in your pan. Here’s what you can do. Take a tiny bowl or a cup, brush oil all over and crack a cold fresh egg slowly into it. Make sure the water in the pan isn’t boiling but hot enough, on a simmer flame. Place the tiny bowl of egg gently into the pan and cover with a lid for about 2 minutes. This way you’ll be a champion in cooking that perfect poached egg!

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: @aarti_david

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