Kerala’s Favourite Staple at Dakshin, ITC

You’ll hardly find a soul who doesn’t like Appam and stew, Kerala’s much-loved breakfast item. These fluffy appams made with rice and freshly grated coconut paired with a thick consistency of coconut milk added with vegetables, eggs, or meat (usually chicken) are a delightful classic combination being passed on from generations.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places in Hyderabad that serve this dish. But one restaurant that has been serving the quintessential Appam & Stew over the years keeping its quality and consistency in check is Dakshin, ITC Kakatiya. Chef Sakala Shankara and his team are well known to stir up a storm in the kitchen for a sumptuous South Indian indulgence. So you can expect authentic, well-made appams hot from the pan onto your plate. The stew needs a special mention: a bowl full flavour making a perfect accompaniment to the appams. If there’s one place you need to visit for a hearty meal, then it has to be Dakshin, ITC Kakatiya.

By Aarti David

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