Brew-tiful Ways To Brewing At Home

These days with a plethora of ways to make coffee at home, you can feel a bit overwhelmed even before beginning. Therefore, we’re making it simpler for you by highlighting the qualities in each finished cup and the technicalities involved in every method. 

Keep scrolling to navigate through your favourite method!

French Press Method

The texture of the coffee after using this method is heavier and denser since it is an immersive brew method, meaning coffee grounds are fully immersed in water and then strained using a metal filter allowing oils and undissolved coffee particles to pass into the cup.

AeroPress Method

The Swiss army knife of brew methods; along with versatility, it even involves improvisation and the texture is delicate and silky. AeroPress coffee can be quite concentrated and espresso-like in its intensity with its air-vacuumed technique.

V60 (Pour over) Method

Simple, clean and accessible, this is a single cup brewing method through a dripper that has a filter inside and is common in coffee houses producing a delicate and sophisticated cup.

Use these brewing techniques and get sparkling results!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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