‘The Chef Show’- Food for your binge-ing soul

Image Courtesy: IndieWire

Something is irresistible about cookery shows, the whole concept, the cooking challenges and to see a bunch of passionate people cooking on the counters is a different ball game altogether.

The Chef Show is one such show which makes the whole concept even better. 

This series of four seasons is being aired on Netflix, co-hosted by acclaimed Los Angeles food Chef Roy Choi and writer/director Jon Favreau. 

Favreau and Choi continue to usher the viewer through a breezy set of kitchen basics, with the latest five episodes of season four centering on the pair’s private setup and the various buzzy L.A. food venues. This is a must watch for someone who is a food connoisseur and loves the way scrumptious grilled cheese is made or the way pasta is cooked. This show is perfect in every sense of the word.

A definite treat for the eyes! Don’t miss out.

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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