Siddu – Manali’s Hidden Gem

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Siddu is a Himachali snack, mostly made by steaming stuffed wheat flour rolls. Wheat flour is kneaded with yeast and then rolled like puris, except it’s then filled with stuffing, folded into small pockets and steam-cooked for 15 minutes. It’s usually served with Mint Chutney or a dollop of Desi Ghee. Mouth’s watering yet?

The best time to savour Siddu is when you’re exploring the streets of Old Manali Market. Experience the charm of this popular market, whilst enjoying some delicious food. Stroll through the rustic bylanes that are brimming with stories from the past with a hot and yummy Siddu to accompany you. The ones sold by pattu draped pahadi women are most flavourful, as they are made from scratch and are absolutely fresh. You get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, so pick and move!

Contributor: Asna Abdul Haq

Feature Image Courtesy: The mad scientists kitchen

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