Manège Patisserie – A Dessert Haven

Say hello to Manège Patisserie, a brand new venture birthed with a passion for baking, by Kirti Reddy and Monisha Rao. These proficient ladies have been trained under the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Paris, so you can go ahead and expect extraordinary desserts, eyes closed!

A must-try is their Petit Entremet, which are mousse like pastries made with different flavours. Hazelnut white chocolate, Carrot cream cheese, Chocolate & Caramel and Strawberry Custard are some of their popular flavour combinations. We can’t write a post on Manège and not give a special shoutout to their Strawberry Cream Cheese Eclair that manages to stun you in the first bite. The crunch on the outside with a generous filling of cream cheese and strawberry jam is a combination to die for! It’s also apparently their best seller and we sure know the obvious reason behind it. There’s a more elaborate menu to look out for once you plan on trying them out.

They currently function as a cloud kitchen with a small but highly efficient team. The good news is they do plan to open a store soon in Hyderabad and there couldn’t be a better reason to go visit them after the unforgettable experience with their desserts. For now, you can go ahead and DM them on Instagram to order some treats home.

By Aarti David

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