Cook It Yourself – An In-Home Gourmet Experience

Dining out after the lockdown has become a matter of hesitation. Hygiene and sanitization concerns have made us think twice before stepping out to indulge and fulfil our cravings. And so, the Foodpreneurs have introduced the Do-It-Yourself meal kits that make cooking restaurant-style food at home a simple affair. These meal kits simplify the process of trying out new recipes by eliminating some time-consuming challenges like grocery runs and helps avoid critical mistakes such as imprecise measurements. They come with precisely measured ingredients and instructions.

CIY – Cook it Yourself, which is one of the latest entrants in town with their DIY kits, gives you a plethora of authentic Hyderabadi dishes to choose from when you order a meal kit. From Khatti Daal to Chicken 65. For dessert, try out Chawal ki Kheer and Seviyon ka Meetha to end the night on a high!

Contributor: Asna Abdul Haq

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