Noya – A Twist of Flavours

Noya, the brand new terrace bar & lounge at Avasa Hotels has a spectacular view of the city and is no less than a piece of sweet haven from the 11th floor. What’s even better, is the creative culinary genius, Chef Vignesh Ramachandran who began his chef life from Indian Accent in Delhi, dishing out the best of cuisines with a touch of local flavours amalgamated so aesthetically.

Dishes that you shouldn’t be missing out on are The Tava Coconut & Mutton fried rice, Chettinad fish mousse with garlic toast, Butter Chicken Pakodas, Byadagi Chilli Prawns and the Chennapoda Cheesecake. They’re all so scrumptious and hard to resist! There are a couple of refreshing and innovative cocktails as well like The Tamarind Margherita and the Qubani Fizz that celestially compliment the food. May we add that the pricing is pretty reasonable too.

Noya has two sections, one is the terrace bar and lounge and the other is for fine dining. The latter part of Noya is opening its doors sometime in February who’s menu is going to be completely different from the bar food.

By Aarti David

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