Rapid Fire with Chef Aungshuman

Meet Aungshuman Chakraborty, the Executive Chef at The Leela, Mumbai. He’s been in the F&B industry for more than 2 decades where he has successfully been a part of many luxury properties such as Hyatt Regency Mumbai, Trident Mumbai, Marriott Hyderabad and so on.

Here’s an opportunity to get to know Chef Aungshuman on a lighter note through Ceia’s fun Rapid Fire segment.                      

1.                  Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

Dinner for breakfast

2.                  Baked or fried?

Baked. Freshly baked breads are my weakness.

3.                  Your first food memory?

Typical Fish curry and rice

4.                  One piece of kitchen equipment you could not live without?

  Knife sharpener. Since a kitchen is incomplete without a sharp knife.

5.                  One aspect you absolutely love about your job!

I love to cook. Seldom does it happen where what you love is actually your job. So I am one of a lucky few

6.                  One dish you love cooking and why?

I love grills. So any grilled meat is what I like cooking the most.

7.                  Name one guilty food pleasure.

  Any Bengali sweet. I just can’t resist!

8.                  Your ideal dinner date?

May be in a yacht under the stars

9.                  Mishti Doi or Shondesh?


10.              The worst dish/ingredient you ever tasted?

  I hate dried fish!

In conversation with Aarti David

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